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NEW - PLATINUM SYSTEMS: Estimating - Project Management - Effective Weekly Meetings

The best, fastest, easiest and most fully automated systems available.

Our existing software can be modified to fit ANY trade. We can also build from scratch just about anything you can think of that would help your business. Contact Us for more details.

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PLATINUM ESTIMATING FOR PAINTING For BOTH Digital Plan Estimating AND Visiting Site Bid Estimating where no plans are available. No other software comes close to doing what this one does.
PLATINUM PROJECT TACKING See the status of ALL currently running projects on one screen. Never fall behind or forget administrative tasks again.
PLATINUM WEEKLY MEETINGS Have weekly meetings with your field management people. One screen shows ALL projects and compares the progress between Budget vs. Actual.
LABOR RATE CALCULATOR Build accurate business budgets that help you KNOW how much you should charge Your customers for your labor rate and how it fluctuates seasonal.
ESTIMATING TRACKING SYSTEM Shows current estimating schedule, Contractor Reports, Sales Ratios and much More. Don't miss another bid date again.

OTHER VERSION SYSTEMS: Estimating for Drywall, Flooring and Painting

PAINTING ESTIMATING A+ Site bid system primarily for Residential Painting. Separate modules included.
DRYWALL ESTIMTING A+ For drywall installation and texture companies. Does not do framing but can be Customized to fit your need. This is also a PlanSwift Plugin.
FLOORING ESTIMATING A+ For the flooring trade and is also includes the Plugin for PlanSwift.
INVENTORY TRACKING SYSTEM 30 minute inventory once a month generates auto best prices and purchase orders. Keep your vendors competitive and save time figuring out your next order.
EMPLOYEE SCHEDULING SYSTEM For smaller shops up to 10 employees - quickly and easily schedule your Field employees. Post it and you are done for up to two weeks out.
EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM Organizes email lists purchased from a list service. Organizes by state. Flag bounced emails = more effective marketing.


Improve Employee Production Production Awareness Program will reduce your labor expense between 10 to 25 percent. You really can't afford to pass on this training option.
Example - Custom Develop Custom programming rates lower than any other service we have found.



We us MS EXCEL for our programming language which is best for using within web-based applications should you desire to do that. It also gives you unlimited options to customize the program to fit your need without being tied to your internet base application programming company.

We do not make internet based software. If you would like to make our software internet based, it would be up to you to find a company who can transform a MS Excel Sheet to be an internet based application.