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Estimating Software :

We have done extensive research and have found the BEST and EASIEST to learn and LEAST EXPENSIVE program.  Just click on this link and get a 14 day free trial.  I am confident you will agree. 

PlanSwift, The #1 Takeoff and Estimating Software. Click here to get a 14 day free trial!

Watch the Demo Video
Watch the Demo Video

We made it even better.  We have made a painting database that instantly calculates primer gallons, finish gallons, labor hours and the complete price with a proposal sheet and a field budget sheet.  No other software even comes close.  Be sure to call us for a personal demonstration on the features we have added - (817) 223-3520

Business Consulting:

START UP:  We can show you how to evaluate everything your business needs, put together a strategic plan and most important, how to establish your pricing for a guaranteed profit structure and how to manage money.

EXISTING BUSINESS:  This is where we can evaluate your existing busines with a focus of finding things that work and pinpoint possible problem areas.  We then develop a plan to correct problems and smooth out your operation.

Here are a few business consulting items:
list item Unique "pro-active" business plan
list item Estimating or pricing for guaranteed profit
list item Sales and marketing effectiveness
list item Customer profiling - learn how to make

        customers say "yes".
list item Employee incentive programs that work
list item Employee benefit programs that cost nothing
list item Extra income in your spare time diversification
list item Easy accounting tips that save a lot of time
list item Job descriptions and company policies

Looking for a weekend workshop that will give you everything you need?  Click on this button:

Extreme Business Makeover Info


Unique Wood Finishing System:

We have discovered a unique wood finishing system that is 100 percent water base and odor free.  This means you can apply a 4 coat system all the the same day compared to the typical oil systems where you must wait 24 hours between coats.  It also has a unique color matching system where you can match any color on site without having to depend on paint store mis-matches.

Contact us for more information on this product weather you are interested in applying it yourself or having one of our certified applicators do the work for you.

No Other System Even Comes Close!




     "The Guaranteed Profit System"  - 4 books in one including:

               "Building A Strong Business Foundation"

               " The Stuff Called Money"

               "Open The Door and Bring 'Em In"

               "Where The Good Employees Are"

     "Faux Estimating Made Easy"  -  Specific to Faux Finishers

     "The Guaranteed Wealth System"  -  Personal wealth building

     "Company Operations Manual"  -  Template already complete

     "Safety Program"  -  Required by OSHA

     "Killer Contract Clauses"  -  Learning about subcontracts


     "Excel Balance Sheet"  -  Saves LOTS of time

     "Excel Pricing - Service"  -  Service industry pricing

     "Excel Pricing  -  Retail"  -  Helps Retailers set pricing

     "Excel Estimating"  -  For service industry.  Fast and easy

     "Excel Money Manager"  -  Manages reserves and surplus

     "Excel Budgets and Planning"  -  Financial planning

     "Excel Wealth Program"  -  Personal wealth planning



     40 Gig portable USB Hard Disk (like a 40 Gig flash drive)

     Scalex Blueprint reading plan wheels

     On Screen take off software for digital plans (new technology)

     "Eagle Bid Painting Estimating Software"  - All types painting

     "Total Faux Estimating Software"  -  Specific for faux finishing




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