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We regret to say our online store created way too many delays and too many problems. We found it MUCH faster to use our (800) line. Here is a quick list of prices. If you see something you like or have any questions call:

(817) 223-3520


The Guaranteed Profit System
       Volume one (2 books -  profit structure):
The Guaranteed Profit System
       Volume two (two books - sales, Empl.):
The Guaranteed Wealth System

$ 29.95

$ 29.95

$ 29.95

Painting Specific Books:

Guaranteed Profit in the Painting
Sell, Sell, Sell
Grow, Grow, Grow
I Love My Employees
Stop Making Money, Start Getting
Faux Estimating Made Easy

Note: Painting books available only while supplies last.

$ 20.00

$ 20.00
$ 20.00
$ 20.00
$ 20.00


Documents and Misc. Items:

Co. Policy - Employee handbook $100 to $500
Co. Operations - Job Description $ 500 to $5000
Accident Prevention - Safety Prog. $ 100 to $3000
Custom Document Preparation $ 30 to $50 / Hr.

CALL for a specific quote on your needs.
(817) 223-3520

Consulting Rates:

Our Location ranges between $600 to $800 per
Your Location ranges between $800 to $1,000
        per day
Add air fare and accommodations (if applicable)

Rates subject to change. Call for current quote.
(817) 223-3520



   Wireless Mouse                              $29.00

   Digital Web Cam (good one)        $25.00


Seminar Rates for Participants:

3-Day workshops range from $595.00 to $795.00
One day workshops range from $50.00 to $300.00
Call if you would like a workshop in your area.

Check our schedule for current rates.

Seminar or Speaking Rates for Sponsors:

$800 per day plus expenses for topic items
Negotiable for 5-day workshop set… Call for information.

Note: Great fund raiser for organizations!

Faux Finishing:

Since we don’t know the technique you want nor do we know the room conditions (height… etc.) Try this:
A 10 x 10 painted room (not Faux) typically cost $300
Faux Finishing takes about 4 to 5 times longer
Thus one step process could be $1,500 per room (low)
More steps means more time, material & expense
A 4-step process could cost $5,000 per room (high)
Budget low $2.00 per S.F. up to $12.00 S.F.

CALL for help, information and price quote.
(817) 223-3520

Painting Related Software:

Eagle Bid - Estimating Only $ 350.00
Total Control - Estimating & Accounting $ 495.00
Total Faux - Faux Estimating & Acctg. $ 495.00

Download Eagle Bid Demo
Download Total Control Demo
Download Total Faux Demo

Most browsers will advise about the dangers of downloading software with the possibility of picking up a virus. Our software demo program has been screened with two different virus checkers and is free of any possible virus problems.

(817) 275-0855




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