Evergreen Technology

Or what we like to think of as the
“Fast Track to Success"

Our business seminars are the best but they are not always close to your location. Also, business seminars are structured to include everything.

You may not feel you need everything. You KNOW you need help, don’t know where to start, what to do or how to go about it. Bingo: Private business consulting is the perfect thing to do.

Here’s how we can help:

Building a Profit Structure

Building a Profit Structure:

Understanding what your expenses really are
How to set up accounting properly
Understanding reserve accounting
Understanding and using monthly reports
Knowing how to adjust your prices for profit
Knowing how to make monthly adjustments

Selling Your Business

Preparing Your Business for Sale:

How much is your business really worth
Options on different ways to sell your business
Sequence of events and expected time line
Strategy - List everything that needs to be done
Document preparation services
Business brokers, lawyers and accountant advice

Annual Business Checkup

Business Annual Checkup:

Review financials for possible money leaks
Evaluate existing systems for poss. improvement
Re-define strategies and revise business plan
Brainstorm for growth - ideas and planning
Re-evaluate employee incentives and polish


Consulting rates vary based on the type of business and the size of the company.

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Computer Training

Fast Track Business Computer Training:

Accounting Software (Quickbooks)
MS Word - Documents and forms
Excel - Price calculations / estimating
MS Publisher - Advertising and Sales
Internet - Getting maximum use

Employee Incentive Programs

Employee Production & Incentive Programs:

Low cost / No cost incentive programs
Observation of existing employee work ethics
Employee training on incentive program
Team building, communication and cooperation.
Incentive program computer tracking systems

Advertising and Marketing:

How to design & print your own advertising pieces
Low cost / no cost advertising activities
Sales training - What to say and how to say it
Customer profiling - What makes people buy
Marketing strategies and how to budget for it

Document Preparation:

Company Operations - Job Descriptions
Employee Handbooks - Company Policy
Procedural Manuals
Accident Prevention / Safety Programs
Custom Forms - Office Organization



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