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Evergreen Technology was founded by Lynn Fife who came from a painting contractor background. It all began when Lynn went back to college in 1983 to get a degree in computer programming. The college required courses in business management and accounting. Lynn first used his college degree in the painting business and developed what he calls “The Guaranteed Profit System”. His membership in national trade organizations allowed an avenue to spread his Guaranteed Profit System to literally thousands of painting companies nation wide. He expanded his company into public motivational speaking at trade shows and conventions all over the country.

He has authored 7 books specific to the painting business and 5 more books that apply to all small business owners. His goal is to help any one who has a small business learn the trade secrets of running a profitable business and avoid many problems that small business owners experience. Mainly, prevent them from going out of business, help them maximize profit and even expand his services to assisting a small business person prepare their business for sale.

Although his specialty is painting contractors, he has very successfully worked with glass companies, restaurants, boat builders, helicopter mechanics, plumbers… etc. No matter what your business, we are confident we can help you achieve whatever your dream may be. Thus, our slogan, “We know what you want. We give you what you need!”


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